Camping in Eisenhower State Park

"This Way" © 2015 Zachary Gamez
An old worn out trail sign on one of the hiking trails.

Breaks. They’re an important thing. Be it a 5 minute stretch break at work, or a week-long getaway vacation, I’ve quickly been learning the importance of getting away and getting some rest. I know that can be such an odd concept in our hustle and bustle society. But it’s a necessity.

One theme I’ve consistently heard from mentors and speakers on leadership and development is the idea of taking time to put aside the daily routine and focusing on giving ourselves time to recharge. This doesn’t mean staying in bed all day or veg-ing out in front of the TV. Rather it’s a time to have some fun, reflect, and set the pace for yourself.

And I’m sure when most people think that they imagine finding a view like this.

"Eisenhower State Parks Bluffs #1" © 2015 Zachary Gamez
This was a view of one of the camp areas from a fishing pier across the little bay.

Welcome to Eisenhower State Park at Lake Texoma.

This is the refuge I sought when I needed a break. It came highly recommended.

I had only been camping once before, but I always knew I wanted to go again. I had worked for a few months straight without much time off, and friends began to recommend I get away for bit. Then the idea of leaving the fast-paced world of technology I stay wrapped up in leapt to mind.

So with a car full of camping gear (I’ll describe more in another post), I headed north from Dallas to just about Oklahoma.

And it was good.

For the record, of all the different lakes and parks I’ve been to, facilities managed by Texas Parks and Wildlife are the best.

I had three goals in mind when I set out. Hike. Fish. Read. That was it. The only pieces of technology that accompanied me were my phone (in case of emergence, and in “Do Not Disturb” mode) and my camera (because of course I’d take some pictures). And over the two days I was out there, I easily accomplished those goals.

"Eisenhower State Park Flowers #1" © 2015 Zachary Gamez
Even as this was September heading into fall, there were plenty of wildflowers in bloom.

One of the most interesting parts of this trip was that I went over a Thursday/Friday. The weekend crowd had definitely not shown up yet by the time I left Friday morning. I pretty much had chunks of the park to myself at times, and encountered only the occasional retiree or outdoor enthusiast.

My time out there was definitely a great opportunity to slow down, relax, and reflect. I’ve had a crazy year since my father passed last October. Getting out, connecting with nature, and spending time with the Lord was a great way to prepare for that upcoming anniversary.

And this was a pretty nice place to do that.

For more pictures from my visit, head over to my album from the trip.