Basics About Me

A born and raised Texan, I now live and work in Dallas in the Audio/Visual industry. I can’t say I’ll never leave Dallas. However, I have no intention of doing so right now.

Also, I have no problem taking trips out of Dallas to explore Texas. I mean, I’ll explore other places too, but Texas has so much to see.

Like central Texas – Waco specifically – which is where I’m from. Waco’s where I grew up and received my degree in Film and Digital Media from Baylor University.

Sic ‘Em Bears! My time at Baylor was very formative, and I continue to support the university in a number of ways. And football games are a good place to show my support.

My faith has always played a key role in my life. I am a Covenant Member of The Village Church, and attend services at the Dallas-Northway Campus. I don’t know what I’d do without the wonderful friends I’ve made here.

It is the gathering of these things that has landed me where I am now. What started as a volunteer opportunity at church eventually led to me picking my major in college. It was trips to Dallas for my fraternity that led me to fall in love with the city. And I never would have made it to Dallas if not for my degree. And moving to Dallas let me to find a great church home.

Things I Do

Things about me that may appear around here:

  • My audio philosophy
  • My background in video production
  • Recreational activities I enjoy
  • Places I like to visit
  • Foods I like
  • And foods I like to make

I could go on to tell you so much more, but that’s really what parts of the site are about. Plus, it’s much easier to show you things instead.