A Change in Direction

This section of the site will pull together all the other things about me. The purpose of this site started out as a showcase of my professional work. I didn’t want to limit options for adding other thoughts though, so this section of the site was born. When I migrated to WordPress, the options really opened up.

When I first entered college, I thought I’d become an engineer. I even went through the first couple of years of the Electrical and Computer Engineering program at Baylor. At that point I thought audio and video production would be my hobby. It was sitting in a programming class as a computer science major that I decided that needed to change. And I entered the Film and Digital Media program.

So if my hobby is my career, what becomes my hobby? (Certainly not engineering or programming!)

All the Other Things

All the other things includes those little bits and pieces that finish out the picture.  Things like fishing, camping, and finding good food.  On this site it also includes major things for me like other activities at The Village Church and Baylor Football.

As I can I’ll compile posts and pictures about all these things.