While video is a central part of my professional life, its closely related field of photography is my hobby.

My Photographic History
I’ve always liked taking pictures since the time I received my first camera. It was an old point-and-shoot that took 110 film. I thought it was even cooler when I got a Olympus 35mm point-and-shoot for Christmas one year, at least until I learned about digital cameras. Now, a few cameras down the road, I’ve progressed to my Nikon D3200 (which I’ll probably write a review on later).

Although I love my DSLR, there were a couple of things about film cameras that I’ll always remember. First is how much the film camera makes you think hard about your shots – because who wants to waste or run out of film on nothing. The other, a feeling that’s missed nowadays, is the anticipation of waiting to get the film back from the developer and seeing how the pictures came out.

I’ll also never forget the chance I had one summer in middle school to take a class in photography. It was particularly fun to learn how to process our own film and develop our own pictures.

Current Photography
As I said before, now I’ve made photography my hobby. While my DSLR and Adobe Lightroom have changed the way I do this, the fundamentals remain the same. And, it’s a ton of fun.

Currently I focus on outdoor and nature photography (my post will show this from time to time). Since I’ve lived in Dallas, I’ve worked my way around White Rock Lake taking pictures and learning to use my camera. At some point I plan on working on some still objects photography as well.

Fuller albums of pictures I take can be found at My SmugMug Site.

A couple of notes about photographs on this site:
1. Unless otherwise stated or tagged, I am the photographer and copyright holder for all photos on this site. I’ll always make sure I give credit where credit is due, and expect the same.

2. I took many of the photos on this site on everything from my old iPhone 3 to my Nikon. For many, I don’t remember which camera I used way back when. Newer photos, typically those in posts, will likely be from the Nikon. I’ll try to include that information when I feel it’s relevant.