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Pictures, they tell us something. Some people say they tell a story, but I take a slightly different view. Pictures are a snapshot of a story we take to remind us of the story whenever we look at them, or to serve as a snapshot of a story we're creating. The stories are inside of us with the experiences that we lived or our imaginations.

And while a lot of information can be found about them in a picture, only we can tell the whole thing.

Related listening: In Color by Jamey Johnson

Jamey Johnson's song points to this - in his case the black and white pictures lack the detail of the colors that the grandfather remembers. Or time has faded any resemblence to the man the boy knows.

Washington DC © 2017 Zach Gamez

I'll get to this picture later, but it can be used to tell a lot of stories. What do you think of when you see it?

The best pictures provoke us to want to know more about the story, or encourage us to create one when the real story is a mystery to us.

Eisenhower State Park Texas © 2015 Zach Gamez

This picture actually accompanies a different story, found here in the open letters section of the site.

They can also remind us of stories we've lived that resembe the picture. Maybe you've been to the Capitol before, or hiked the park to the left.

While some of my pictures may not be the most thought provoking, I want to share with you the stories behind them. If you couldn't already tell, where not fancy here, so you can use the next and previous to thumb through like pages in a book. Maybe one day when I'm adventerous, I'll add a table of contents to link to specific types of pictures.

In the meantime, enjoy!

Zach Gamez